Elyon HR Support & Services, just as its name implies, provides the necessary Support and Services to your HR function. We provide solutions for your HR needs and challenges.


This service involves conducting a diagnostics of your HR Function and proffering the required solution.

Training will be offered as needed. We also have a wide range of training programmes that will provide a cutting edge advantage to your staff.

We will assist in the recruitment of seasoned and experienced staff for your business across all levels of staff.

This service particularly targeted at the Small and Medium Scaled companies provides Managed HR Services to companies that are not keen on keeping a full-fledged HR Department. We serve as your HR department, managing your hiring and terminations, payroll and employee benefits, performance management and much more. Not every organization requires full-time HR support, and some organizations’ needs are temporary. With our Managed HR Services, your organization gets just the right level of support.
We are pleased to work with businesses for the purpose of:

  • Acting as your partner to administer the Human Resource function
  • Providing superior levels of service to your employees
  • Providing Administrative support to the Organisation

Work with the Executive Management team in areas of Human Resource, Education and Quality Assurance. Elyon HR Support & Services can provide consultative services and be a strategic planning resource in each of these three areas to assist your company in planning for future growth not only in size but in depth. This would be accomplished through Scheduling Business Planning Meetings involving the Executive Management team and Elyon HR Support & Services on an ongoing regular basis to be chosen by the client (i.e. quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.)

Develop, apply, and evaluate all policies and procedures that comply with state and federal guidelines. Ensure the human resource policy manual is up to date. We will provide an initial evaluation of all policies and procedures and develop a set of policies and procedures to be used by the company including a policy manual. These policies would be reviewed and updated on an annual basis. Any mid-year changes to the policies and procedures that are identified as necessary due to new regulation will be presented at the time the necessity is identified.

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